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Welcome to the captivating universe of Planet Casino, Suriname’s paramount gaming destination, proudly radiating exhilaration for over 5 remarkable years! Strategically positioned on the outskirts of the city, our opulent casino beckons you with its expansive and recently upgraded facilities, promising not just a gaming experience but an immersive journey into unparalleled entertainment.

Maximize your enjoyment from the moment you arrive with our spacious and revamped parking area, designed to ensure convenience harmonizes seamlessly with the thrill of anticipation. Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of gaming excellence with our curated selection of cutting-edge machines: EGT P-27/27 St, EGT G32/32 VIP, Amatic PGA-3, and Amatic RGJ-24HX Electronic Roulette. These state-of-the-art devices deliver an expansive and exhilarating range of games, catering to the diverse preferences of every gaming enthusiast.

At Planet Casino, our mission is an artful blend of entertainment and delight. We are committed to curating an unforgettable gaming experience where each customer not only enjoys but becomes the architect of their own thrill, maximizing the excitement of our exclusive jackpots and coveted prizes.

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Embark on an odyssey of excitement with our Tumbola, a distinctive feature that elevates your gaming experience. Here, patrons have the opportunity to win enticing prizes ranging from 2000 SRD to an astonishing 15000 SRD. This unique offering is divided into four main events, enabling players to earn valuable coupons by actively participating in our diverse array of games or by achieving the pinnacle – hitting the jackpot.

Our exclusive focus on providing the best gaming experience is evident in our unwavering attention to our top-tier machines, ensuring they operate with seamless precision without exception. As you immerse yourself in the thrill, savor the added dimension of complimentary food and beverages, courtesy of our attentive waitstaff who takes pride in delivering directly to your gaming spot, enhancing your immersive experience.

In addition to the swift and straightforward payments facilitated by our efficient ticket system, Planet Casino proudly hosts 24/7 technical support, a testament to our commitment to guaranteeing uninterrupted gameplay. Our advanced surveillance system, coupled with an elite security team, meticulously selected and trained by our own staff, ensures the utmost safety and order for our esteemed customers, dedicated workers, and cutting-edge equipment.

Experience the richness of diversity with our 11 different game collections on our machines, providing a plethora of gaming experiences for enthusiasts seeking variety. Join us for numerous events featuring local singers, witness the dynamic transformation of our casino decor on significant days, adding an extra layer of excitement to your visits.

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Every customer is welcomed into the fold with a personalized card, the key to unlocking a world of rewards. Accumulate a thousand points to exchange for a 100 SRD playable ticket or acquire Tumbola coupons for added excitement, ensuring that your journey at Planet Casino is not merely a visit but an unforgettable adventure.

At Planet Casino, our warm and attentive staff goes beyond service; they foster a family-like environment, ensuring each visit transcends a mere gaming experience, transforming into a cherished memory. Come, be a part of our extraordinary family at Planet Casino, where excellence converges with excitement, and every moment is an opportunity to craft enduring memories. Planet Casino – Unleashing the Extraordinary!